October 2014

Flash Telnet has been added. Click ONIX PRIVATE BBS on the left, then click the     CONNECT button on top of the screen.                                                                        

January 2011

Several new members and many old members are back. New hardware has been added to speed response time. Enjoy! Spread the word!

January 2009

THE BBS IS BACK UP!! To log on, click on 'Onix Private BBS' on the left. If you're
an old member, your account may still be active. Access for old or new members
is completely FREE. There is also a new Onix Facebook group. Click on 'Home' for the link.

December 18, 2007

The plans to get Onix active again are starting to take hold. I am planning to have a v.bulletin or similar forum on the  web.. and a working telnet link to the old original Onix system for those of you who'd like to take a trip back to simpler times! Remember
Tele-Arena, Tradewars, the Meeting Room, etc..??  This project will take time. The v.bulletin phase will probably be first. If any original Onix-ites are reading this and have suggestions or comments, please leave me an email at: sysop@onix.com 

December , 2006

Sad news to report. One of Onix's original Sysops - Umpire - has
passed away. Our condolences go out to Umpire's family.

February 20, 2005
After a few months 'off the air', Onix is BACK! Onix is still under the same ownership and management, however it is no longer an ISP and is no longer hosting a dial-up or telnettable
game server. We will be transitioning to a web based Forum/BBS eventually. Check in here for details. Email questions and comments.


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